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Cody Walker Clears Brother Paul's Belongings

Guardian Express: On Wednesday afternoon, Cody Walker was spotted clearing up the belongings of his fallen brother Paul Walker. There were several household items like clothes, along with a surf board, and several boxes. The tragic death of Paul Walker has taken a toll ...
‘Paul Walker was with me in the delivery room’

- 6 days ago @ Vin Diesel reveals to the life changing advice his good mate Paul Walker gave him and how he was ‘in the delivery room’ when his daughter was born.

James Wan on Continuing 'Furious 7′ After Death of Paul Walker

- 6 days ago @ James Wan is responsible for many filmgoers' nightmares as the director behind “Saw,” “Insidious” and “The Conjuring.” Now he takes on the biggest movie of his career with “Furious 7,” the latest in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, hitting theaters ...

Vin Diesel Says Groot Helped Him Heal After Paul Walker's Death

- 6 days ago @ Who would figure playing a humanoid plant with a limited vocabulary would be so good for the soul? That's what happened to Vin Diesel, who started performing as Groot in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy a short time after Walker had died in a car accident.

Michelle Rodriguez on Paul Walker's Death: 'It Was Like Losing a Limb'

- 6 days ago @ Since 2001's “Fast and The Furious,” Michelle Rodriguez has played Letty Ortiz, the girlfriend of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) who pulls double duty as a speed racer and mechanic. As part of this week's cover story on “Furious 7,” Rodriguez spoke to ...

Michelle Rodriguez


Jordana Brewster Remembers Paul Walker: 'I'm Constantly Reminded He's Not

Extra: Jordana Brewster graces the cover of BELLA New York, in which she opened about the film's release and her friend of fourteen years, Paul Walker, who died in a car crash two years ago at age 40. jordana_brewster_bella [credit: BELLA New York] "He was ...

The Furious 7 Cast's Most Moving Quotes About Paul Walker

As the Furious 7 cast makes the press rounds to promote their new film, they've shared more than a few thoughtful, heartfelt quotes about Paul Walker to pay tribute to the late actor. Vin Diesel opened up about naming his newborn daughter after his longtime friend, saying it felt like "a way to keep his memory a part of [his] family." Meanwhile, both Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez ...

Asked About Paul Walker, Emotional Vin Diesel Walks Away From Interview

KTLA: Actor Vin Diesel got so emotional when asked about the death of his friend and co-star Paul Walker that he walked away from an on-camera sit-down interview. An entertainment reporter at KTLA sister station WGN was speaking to Diesel last week in ...

Vin Diesel breaks down talking about Paul Walker during interview

LOS ANGELES — Vin Diesel became very emotional while talking about his close friend Paul Walker during an interview in Los Angeles this week. The “Fast and the Furious” star sat down with WGN-TV’s Dean Richards to talk about the latest installment in the series, “Furious 7.” When the reporter asked Diesel how he was coping with the death of his co-star and good friend, Diesel was visibly shaken ...

Vin Diesel breaks down over Paul Walker, walks off interview with WGN

WGN-TV: Diesel got very emotional when Richards asked how he was coping with the death of his co-star and close friend Paul Walker. Walker died in a car accident in November 2013 and his passing still weighs heavily on Diesel's mind almost two years later.

Ludacris claims Paul Walker jokes on Justin Bieber's roasting were 'over the line'

The Independent: The 37-year-old rapper and actor claimed that during Bieber's roasting, which airs this evening, some of the comedians made reference to the deceased actor Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker. Walker died in a car accident in 2013. His death, aged 40, ...

Have Some Tissues Handy For Vin Diesel's Interview About Paul Walker

Furious 7 finally hits cinemas on April 2, marking an emotional milestone for friends and loved ones of the late Paul Walker . In a new feature by Variety , Vin Diesel opens up even more about the loss of his long-time friend. He speaks about his ominous thoughts on set, the last time he saw Paul and the last thing he said, and his struggle to finish the film with a broken heart. Vin already ...

‘Fast and Furious 7’: A Billion Dollar Tribute To Paul Walker

With the release of the latest Fast and Furious movie, the cast of Furious 7 said goodbye to co-star Paul Walker, who was tragically killed in a car crash in late 2013. The crew of the last Fast and Furious installment were about half way through the filming of that movie when Paul Walker was ‘Fast and Furious 7’: A Billion Dollar Tribute To Paul Walker is an article from: The Inquisitr News


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Watch Paul Walker Gush Over the W Motors Lykan HyperSport “Nothing's sadder than locking a beast in a cage.” True, Vin Diesel. True. The beast he is referring to is none other than the W Motors Lykan HyperSport, one of the most exclusive cars in the world and one of the newest supercars to join the ...

Those Paul Walker Jokes That Got Cut From The Justin Bieber Roast? Ludacris

The Furious 7 star told HuffPost Live that certain cracks made at Paul Walker's expense went too far. A Comedy Central spokesperson previously told The Hollywood Reporter that the jokes will be edited out of the broadcast. “There were some Paul Walker ...

Michelle Rodriguez on 'Furious 7, ' Paul Walker and freakin' Jersey Her rebellious life and say-anything stance won her a lot of fans in action movies - but couldn't quite cover the pain she felt when long-time friend and co-star Paul Walker died in 2013, in the midst of filming the latest "Fast and Furious" film ...

Paul Walker: how the Fast & Furious family said goodbye Paul Walker was a star but, it's fair to say, probably not a household name when he died. But his death was a shock to fans and the film industry alike. The news broke in the UK over the weekend to something like disbelief; I learned of it on social ...

Justin Bieber Roast: Ludacris Speaks Out About 'Over the Line' Paul Walker Jokes

Ludacris is now commenting publicly about controversial jokes that were told at Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber. The Furious 7 star told...

Paul Walker Remembered for His Bravery and Kindness Before Furious 7 Release: ''He Lived Every Single Day to Its ...

Gone, but certainly not forgotten! Less than two weeks before the late Paul Walker appears on the big screen for Furious 7, his co-stars continue to remember a special man who lived a...

Justin Bieber's Comedy Central roast: Paul Walker jokes will be CUT from broadcast

Comedy Central have confirmed all jokes about Paul Walker will be removed from Justin Bieber 's Comedy Central roast. Fast & Furious 7 star Ludacris was "promised" jokes about the late actor would be removed from Bieber's roast.


Vin Diesel Honors Paul Walker In The Cutest Way Possible

TV Guide: Vin Diesel, who starred opposite the late Paul Walker in the popular Fast and the Furious franchise, revealed Monday on NBC's Today that he named his newborn daughter Pauline in honor of his friend. "There's no other person I was thinking about as I ...

Vin Diesel Says Paul Walker Was "in the Room" When His Daughter Was Born

Earlier this week, Vin Diesel revealed to Today that he named his daughter Pauline after the late Paul Walker . On Friday, the second part of Vin's interview hit the Internet, and in it, he talked even more about fatherhood and Paul's lasting legacy. Vin also spoke to Variety about losing his best friend , and Michelle Rodriguez told Entertainment Weekly how devastated she was when she first ...


Vin Diesel Recalls the Last Thing He Ever Said to Paul Walker

Celebuzz: In his latest interview with Variety magazine, Furious 7 star Vin Diesel remembers shooting a climatic scene with his co-star, the late Paul Walker, and how they parted ways for the last time. Recalling the night of the filming, which involved a “semi ...

How Guardians Of The Galaxy Helped Vin Diesel Mourn Paul Walker

Cinema Blend: The months following Paul Walker's tragic death back in 2013 were naturally very difficult for Vin Diesel, due to the relationship he developed with his Fast & Furious co-star on and off set over the years. In dealing with the pain and anguish felt ...

Vin Diesel Says Groot Helped Him Heal After Paul Walker's Death Who would figure playing a humanoid plant with a limited vocabulary would be so good for the soul? That's what happened to Vin Diesel, who started performing as Groot in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy a short time after Walker had died in a car accident.

Vin Diesel Calls Paul Walker His ''Guide Into Fatherhood, '' Says Late Actor's Presence Was There for His Daughter's ...

Vin Diesel is opening up about his late best friend Paul Walker. In an interview with the Today show, the Furious 7 star credits Walker for preparing him to be a dad to his three...

Vin Diesel: Paul Walker 'guided' me into fatherhood

Vin Diesel was ''guided'' into fatherhood by his 'Fast and Furious' co-star, the late Paul Walker.


Weta Used Old 'Fast & Furious' Footage to Complete Paul Walker 'Furious 7

/FILM: Furious 7 is a little over a week away and fans of the franchise are going to flip. The action is bigger, the emotion is deeper, and the way the franchise pays tribute to the tragedy of Paul Walker's death is incredible. No spoilers, but watching the ...

Paul Walker Honored in ‘Fast & Furious 7′

As the “Fast & Furious 7” production was underway in November 2013, tragedy struck and the Fast & Furious family lost a beloved father, son and brother, and the world lost a treasured friend, co-worker, talent and humanitarian: Paul Walker. Those who had been fortunate enough to work with Walker over his five films in […]


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